Through the Looking Glass

Callooh! Callay! Join us for a frabjous day!

Mark your calendars for the annual Irvington Auction. It promises to be a night of merriment and madness. This is a costumed affair, so we expect to see lots of Mad Hatters, Rabbits in Waistcoats, Alices, and Queens of Hearts. (Bonus bragging rights if you are clever enough to find a fabulous minor character.) And you can bet your top hat we’ll have a bangin’ photo booth to make sure you can document your glorious night in style.


You can expect the return of the Silent Auction this year as well as the fierce-but-friendly Live Auction. We’ve got some amazing prizes, and we are also spicing things up with a live band—Savila. They promise to add a magical and hypnotic vibe to the cocktail hour which will also feature beer, wine, and hearty appetizers. (You may, however, want to avoid any little bottles labeled "DRINK ME" unless you are feeling spectacularly adventurous.)


Any puzzling questions may be directed to the Caterpillar if you wish to be answered with questions OR you may send questions to if you prefer your answers unquestioned.

Irvington Auction March 2, 2019 5-10pm

Crystal Ballroom
1332 W Burnside St., Portland, OR 97209

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