2021 Auction Fundraising Goal

Raised: $21,915.50
Goal: $100,000

The Irvington Elementary School Online Silent Auction

launching April 17th!


How We Built This is not simply an auction theme. 


It is the story of every child who has walked Irvington's halls since the school was originally built in 1905 and our current building was dedicated in 1932. It's the story of every teacher who has dedicated themselves to teaching those young minds and of the school staff who relentlessly support the children, teachers and parents. 


We celebrate the past and the present. 


Today, Irvington School is a diverse, tightly-knit community of over 320 elementary school kids and families. At least 6 languages are spoken at Irvington. 39 percent of us are students of color, 20 percent have disabilities and 27 percent receive free or reduced lunch. All of us are an essential part of the Irvington School family.


Every dollar raised at the Irvington School Auction has lasting impact:

Our $100,000 goal represents approximately  $300 the PTA needs to support each student every year.


- supporting our historically underserved students & others who faced significant challenges during distance learning

- providing free art and school supplies as well as free field trips for every student post-COVID

- offering scholarships for enrichment opportunities like robotics, chess, science, theater and dance


If you would like to donate to the Irvington School Auction please click the Donate link above or items can be dropped off at 2445 NE Multnomah St, 97232 and digital items can be emailed to rachelchristoffer@gmail.com.


Additions to the catologue are being made daily so make sure to check back on April 17th! 


Irvington Elementary Merchandise site




2021 Auction Fundraising Goal

Raised: $21,915.50
Goal: $100,000